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Are you a time poor busy professional, always rushing around with no time to workout, trading your life for sitting down all day in your office chair?

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The crew and community will help you. We believe that motion and momentum will improve your fitness journey, making you a complete individual in both your professional and private life.

Jason Patmore / Co-Founder & Head Trainer Jason Patmore / Co-Founder & Head Trainer

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Alex Myles

“I am so impressed with the end result and I feel motivated to carry on training! Jason's approach is second to none.”

Mark Crowhurst

“I use a Personal Trainer once a week, but BodyFit allowed me to keep up when on the road because there was no gym needed .”

Matt Williams

“BodyFit kept me in shape while I was away travelling, being about to workout in hotels and on the beach was awesome!”

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