3 Minute Full Body Cool Down

Having the best workout, the greatest time competed and the most amount of reps completed is great, but if your not finishing off properly, then all that could go to waste if you can’t move for days! Read on to find out how you can stop this with a Full Body HIIT Cool Down routine, written and recorded from the guys at BodyFit. 

Just because you finished your last rep, doesn’t mean your workout is over. Actually, what you do after your workout is just as important as the workout itself. After your HIIT workouts, your muscles fibres have broken down and your heart rate is at its highest its been all day. These all have to be put back to normal!

Stretching after your HIIT Workout helps decreases injuries and it provides a greater blood flow to your joints, relaxes tension from the workout and quickens the healing process.

When performing a stretch, you should hold the tension there for 30 seconds. Breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth, to slow the heart rate down also.

FULL BODY HIIT COOL DOWN. routine. fitness

You should try to hit every muscle group through your stretching routine.

Exercise Description:


Hamstrings: Stand with one leg in front the other. Bend the rear leg and place your hand on your bent leg. sit back. When you feel the stretch weakening, raise the toe of the straight leg.

Quadriceps: Stand feet shoulder width apart. Grasp the lacy part of the right trainer. stand straight, feeling the stretch in the front of your leg.

Shoulder and Tricep: Pull your left arm across your body, at shoulder height. Hold.

Tricep: Place your hand behind your head (Top of your spine) Pull the elbow in with the opposite hand to feel the stretch in the back of your arm.


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