6 Minute Beginners Fat Burning HIIT Workout

If your new to HIIT then this workout is just for you. Burn fat and learn great exercises with this Beginners 6 Minute HIIT workout routine.

This workout is great if your short on time and have no equipment! However some of the exercises are pretty brutal so ensure your just new to HIIT and not new to working out!

Fat Burning beginners HIIT Workout Fitness

This 6 minute Beginners HIIT workout attacks the fat like no other! If you’ve got a few more minutes, then complete the circuit 3 times to get the maximum benefit. This 6 minute workout is all Bodyweight so you can do this at home, in the park, anywhere!

The workout is HIIT based, meaning you will work for an allotted time and have an allotted time off, its that simple. You will go through every exercise, non stop for 6 minutes.


The timings are; 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off.

Exercises are;

  • Burpee
  • Jump Lunges
  • Froggers

Exercise Description:

Burpees: Start in the press up position, complete a press up, then drive both knees forward, on to your feet and explode upwards. To make it harder, raise your knees too. Land on the balls of your feet, then back in to the press up position. Repeat.


Jump Lunges: Start in a normal lunge position drop down to perform a lunge, once at the bottom of the lunge-explode upwards transferring your weight on to the other leg, while simultaneously perform a lunge!. Repeat.

Fat Burning beginners HIIT Workout Fitness

Froggers: Start with your feet shoulder width apart. Bend your legs and place your palms on the floor, just in front of you. drive both legs out, one by one until your in the press up position. from there return to the starting position the same way you went down!. Repeat.

Fat Burning beginners HIIT Workout Fitness

If you want to spice things up a bit after the workout then add three 60 second planks in to the mix. After each plank, have a 30 second rest, then straight into the next.

Fat Burning beginners HIIT Workout Fitness

If this workout is too Easy for you and you need something a bit harder on the Heart rate then try this Full Body HIIT Workout.

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