How To Do A Rear Lunge

If your want to push your body further, you need to change your exercises, Its that simple, so try this rear lunge to add a different element to the your HIIT workout routine. 

Read our ‘how to do a Rear Lunge guide’ to learn, improve or challenge your body further with this strength and balance exercise.

The Rear Lunge

A Rear lunge is a lower body exercise that targets the glutes, hips, hamstrings and quadriceps. The calf muscles also works in this exercise, as do your abdominal and back muscles as they act as stabilisers during this exercise. This is exercise is recommended once you have mastered the front lunge as this exercise adds balance as well as strength.

This exercise can be completed using just bodyweight so it can be done anywhere and can easily be included in your HIIT workouts, it also has a number of variations so you can make it harder, the stronger you get.

How to do a rear lunge

  • Starting Position—Standing with your feet hip width apart, take a stride to the rear, landing on the balls of your feet. 
  •  Execution— Once you’ve landed, keeping your chest up high and your back straight, drop the trailing knee down, so its around 2 inches from the floor. Pause.
  • End Position— Drive your front foot back to the starting position. and repeat on the opposite leg.

Making the Rear Lunge Easier

The balancing element of the rear lunge makes the exercise twice as hard, therefor we have added a few regression exercises for you to get up to scratch with this exercises.

Lunge from the kneeling position: 

Start the lunge off in the kneeling position, have something soft under your knee to start.From that position, drive your knee upwards to the starting position. to repeat, start again, from the kneeling position.

Assisted Split Rear Lunge:

Ensure you are close to a wall or something that can hold your weight that won’t move. Perform the first repetition of a normal rear lunge. from there, DO NOT change legs, stay in that position and repeat on the same leg. continue this exercise until you can perform it without the assistance.

How to do a rear lunge
How to do a rear lunge

Lunge Variations:

If the Rear lunge is getting easy and you want to spice up your workout with some new variations, then read below. We have three that will test your legs, take your heart rate and your workouts to the next level.

  • Bulgarian Split Squat- Using an elevation, as picture above, place the lacy part of your trainer on the flat part. from there, drop your knee to the floor, as low as it could possibly go, then drive back up to the starting position.
  • Plyometric Jump Rear Lunges- Perform the lunge, as you normally would, from driving up to the start, explode instead, in to the air and landing on the opposite foot. Then repeat!
  • Elevated Rear Lunge- Using an elevation for your front leg, Perform the first repetition of a normal lunge, with your trailing leg to the floor. from there, drive back up to the starting position.

How to do a rear lunge routine

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