How To Improve Recovery & Reduce Muscle Sorness

Aching muscles can literally last for days, Especially if you have trained all week and not given any chance for them to recover. The BodyFit team have put a short guide to improve recovery and aid muscle soreness. 

Foam rolling is great for re-aligning muscle fibres and improving your range of motion. You only really need to do this once to twice a week. But my god it helps! Don’t get me wrong, it hurts, it sometimes makes you feel nauseous its that bad, but it works.

Why it works?

During your HIIT workout sessions, your muscles are breaking down (this is a good thing) This process allows them to grow back stronger. When our body does this the muscles fibres are all out of line, so re-aligning them is imperative. It also helps breaks down scar tissue created by exercise.

How you do it?

You’ll find that the legs are the tightest part of your body-not only is this a result of a sedentary lifestyle, but when walking/training and standing on your feet all day, your leg muscles are continuously at work. You have to break the muscle group in to sections-hamstrings, quadriceps and IT Band.

prevent muscle soreness and aid recovery Fitness

When performing the ‘rolling out’ recovery process, you need to ensure that your placing a significant amount of pressure on the muscle to help breakdown the scar tissue. You can do this with just increasing the angle of your body (see video for example)

Your IT Band is a small muscle sheath that connects from your hip to your knee. This will be horrible to roll out, but once you endeared the pain-you’ll feel a million dollars at the end!

prevent muscle soreness and aid recovery Fitness

You can Roll out other body parts-Back, Glutes and Lats, this will be on another video blog we will be filming soon.

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