How to do a Right Side Plank

While the conventional Plank reigns supreme in the core exercise world, not doing the Right Side Plank seriously cover ups your weakness, just like any unilateral exercise. 

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The Right Side Plank

The Right Side Plank exercise is a core exercise.

This exercise can be completed using just bodyweight so it can be done anywhere and can easily be included in your HIIT workouts, it also has a number of variations so you can make it harder, the stronger you get.

  • Start Position —Start on your right side. Elbow under your shoulder, hips touching the floor. Feet stacked on top of each other.
  • Execution —Keeping your legs as straight as you possibly can, drive your body upwards until its in a straight line – from feet to shoulder. Hold for 30 seconds.

How to do a Right Side Plank

Making the Right Side Plank easier

Unfortunately, Like the more conventional Plank there isn’t really much you can do to make this exercise easier. The only way you attempt to fix this is by holding the position for a shorter period, breaking it up into bite size chunks. Like anything, you will only get better at the plank, the more you do it.

Right Side Plank variations:

Raised side plank: 

Hold the right side plank as you normally would but lifting and an arm and a leg introduces other muscle groups into the exercise and makes your core work so much harder to maintain balance. Don’t let your hips sag, whatever you do.

How to do a Right Side Plank

Right Side Plank Crunches:

Hold the right side plank as you normally would but drop your hips back to the floor, as soon as they touch, drive the hips back up too the starting position. Repeat for time.

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